vintage look by me.

You don't have to be over the top to dress old school/be in a vintage look. It should come as natural as possible,i got all the collections of what i wore from my closet. The hair is an Afro wig from a costume store as cheap as $ lol. It has been popular among Africans/African Americans since the late 60',and is now accepted around the world. Its a rich and historical vintage look and such large Afros were famously sported by African American entertainers and sociopolitical figures; political activist Angela Davis, actors/actresses  rock musician such as Jimi Hendrix, Erykah Badu, Jackson 5 and the supremes are prominent examples. Louis Vuitton models also walked the runway with uber funky Afros, in spring 2010 fashion week. And i can never forget my favorite artist Beyonce Knowles who wore a beautiful Afro as foxy Cleopatra in Gold member in 2002.

   Harem pants are old fashion brought back into our generation. Even though they are loved and hated by several people, they are fashionable and could be vintage it depends on what you wear them with. They are popularly called hammer pants or genie pants.The white harem pants i wore in the pic are from H@M, and very affordable for everyone. They can be either used as high fashion, vintage,or costume. The shoes i wore are affordable also, they caught my attention when i went to galleria moll in Cambridge MA, they are WILD ROSE for about $65 only,compared to what the other celebs wore with their harem pants. I got the jacket beside my BED, (lol),can't remember where and when i bought it,and can't find it either to know the brand,and then i had the simple shirt which says " I LOVE PARIS",so where did you think i got it from? and a pair of Dolce and Gabanna (the price is personal) sunglasses to compliment the look. I hope you don't mind the radio,its part of the shoot by fabulous photographer Dimonika bray. 
    Nevertheless, my ear-rings were from Macys on clearance for $5,the bangles were about $.99 each from Macys also on clearance.

        I want everyone to be bold with fashion by getting a pair of harem pants, they come in different forms and can be used for different occasions. The pic above shows you different ways of wearing them casually. All you need to do is to get a nice jacket to compliment your pants,i wore a jacket and a t-shirt which is completely different from how the other models/ celebs  wore theirs. 


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