My work as a make-up artist / description.

I love drawing,even if i can't but the best part about arts is painting.I love colors i wear a lot,drink a lot of stuffs that have colors and when i apply makeup i use a lot of colors to compliment my imagination, or style of the models clothing.
      Model tatiana Elise,is based in boston who happen to be one of my bff'. We went to a fashion show together and i remember vividly, there were about 28 models, and two make-up artists. The demand for models to get their make-up done was intense because, the make-up artist showed up late,and i decided to do her make-up and mine as well,and everyone kept coming to me for theirs. It was actually the second make-up i applied on someone and i really felt good about it. ( THUMBS UP).
   Its simple, as a model, i always travel/move around with few make-up(s) in my bag,incase the need arises,like going for an urgent audition or smthg else. I used five colors on model tatiana elise, I didn't have the time to use a base color because i was so much in a hurry,so i used purple, green, red and lilac all from MAC cosmetics, in addition,i used a navy blue eye shadow as an eyeliner to define her eyes.I  also used a Mac blush and a MILAN lipstick.


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