Bridal Shower.

How interesting it was for me to organize a bridal shower for my friend turn sister.

Becky flew in from Canada and wanted a low key bridal shower. I thought as much, had so many ideas and places to take her to but had to cut my plans down. Twas challenging because she is picky and reserved.

The theme for the bridal shower was BLACK.

I booked a session in a pole dancing studio where Becky and the ladies met and had lessons for an hour. It was an interesting session; the ladies took pole dance classes, exotic dance lesson and other classical  moves. This was the first experience for all the ladies especially for Becky who was placed in a champagne wine glass and was awarded an exotic dancer certificate. 

At night time we went to Top of the Hub restaurant Boston, located at on the 52nd floor in prudential tower, heart of Boston's back bay.

The ladies later went to a private shopping store for adults only lol, where Becky was treated with gifts and some fun stuffs. 

It was a night of fun as we played games, ate and later went to a hotel lounge.

Wondering what I am wearing; Well, I have on  a black dress from, shoe Jewelry Aldo, Makeup by Lizzy Amas. 


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