The Giant Of Africa " Nigeria".

Nigeria is the most populous Country in Africa with about 185 million inhabitants. Nigeria is currently ranking the eighth most populous country in the world after China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Russia with the second largest economy in Africa.

Nigerian economy is the fourth fastest growing  economy in the world but its people are living in abject poverty; why? because corruption is a common phenomenon in its government. There have been reports of massive embezzlement of public funds without any encouraging reaction by the government.

Nigeria is blessed with rich natural resources and It is ranked as the sixth largest exporter of petroleum in the world. Nigeria is blessed with agriculture resources such as cocoa and is the worlds largest exporter of parm kernel and parm oil, cashew nuts, cotton, peanut, rubber, timber, onion, tomatoes etc. Agriculture has its place in the history of the nation, this is the reason for the 'green' in the flag, and the progressive roles it has played; serving as the major source of livelihood to over 75% of its population. 

This is a huge farm owned by Mr. Jonathan Azibanariolo Ebele. Mr. Ebele has sections for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing which can serve over 120 million people daily

Sir Ariolo farms and foods ltd is based in Otueke in Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, hometown of  Dr. Goodluck Jonathan once president of Nigeria. A local government  where Crude oil was first discovered in Nigeria, (Oloibiri Oilfield) on Sunday 15 January 1956 by Shell. It is Nigeria's first commercial oil discovery.

Zuma Rock. 

I decided to travel by road to Abuja to view the beautiful natural surroundings and appreciate nature. I cited this gigantic Rock which seemed very far off but was close to me. I was with my best friend at the time, who told me it was the famous Zuma Rock.
My thoughts at that time " Sounds familiar, seemed like I read about zuma Rock in pre-school, I might have seen it on national Tv".

I gazed at this mountain as I became close to it. There were lots of camp houses all around the Zuma Rock; I could not explain why people camp around the mountain.

A large Monolith in front of me, I could not describe , with smoke in the air seemed like people were cooking around the mountain or camping. 
I noticed people walking around the Rock without paying attention to it. I wonder if they realize how much of importance the Zuma Rock has on their land.

   Click on the link if you are interested to read the history of Zuma Rock.


Zuma Rock is located in Abuja City, the Capital City of Nigeria.
While in Abuja, I visited "Chicken Republic" a fast food restaurant . It was a cozy restaurant with hard working driven individuals who danced and had so much pleasure selling and serving their customers. I was very reluctant to order Pizza lol, I tried it and it was delicious.
It was a sunny hot day which felt like a dragon blew a fire on my skin, not a day to be out.  My skin was scorched by the sun, I was dehydrated and hated the fact I had to be out.
My mind was screwed up when I saw these fruits exhibited at a corner shop by the road side. My friend took me to get some fruits which I fell in love with all of them. They are organic with no preservatives.



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