New Year's Resolution.

Many people have certain rules/resolutions for every New Year, and have the tendency to believe they will never go back to their old ways. They usually pray and write up little pieces of papers stating what they want, how they will accomplish them and what they need to work on.  

There are New Year resolutions that are always broken such as:-

Quit smoking:-  Statistics have it that Tobacco is the cause of preventable illness and an estimate of 443,000 deaths each year including approximately 49,000 deaths due to exposure in the United States.
 It causes different cancers such as chronic lung diseases, emphysema, bronchitis, and heart disease. To quit smoking has been an outgoing resolution to a lot of people especially the dawning of a new year.

Loss weight/Eat healthy: - It is very common that every January gyms have a lot of promotions and deals for those who want to lose weight.

However, in January there is so much eagerness in most individuals who really want to lose weight and burn out the holiday fatty foods. Most individuals tend to be serious the first day of the year and when it’s the end of the month, they go back to their old ways.

Drink less: - Drinking less is undoubtedly good for your health, you can do some research on it to get more facts.

Meanwhile a lot of people get drunk on the last day of the year; breaking into new year telling themselves they are over drinking or will drink less, but nah..ah it is just a voice within them telling them at that time.

This infamous resolution comes to mind few hours before new-year drinking with guilt. This resolution is always broken because their social activities revolves around alcohol. Are they ready to cut down some social gatherings/parties this year? If yeah, they can definitely drink less and on the other hand, they  better write and make confidence a part of their new year’s resolutions, because with confidence they would not need alcohol to boost it up.

Save money:- This is actually a very difficult problem and topic to deal with. I never make resolutions on this because it never works for me. I make money, spend it and then spend more when I get more money, why?
Merchants use a variety of strategies to get people spend money from labeling/sales. Prices on cloths with $99.99 or $95 makes items appear cheaper than they really are. I go crazy when I see sale items, new styles of fashion trends and new fragrances. I shop for myself like I shop for 10 people which is crazy.
Some other people believe in coupons ,they gather as many coupons as possible and also give their personal info’s to companies but at the end of the day, it kicks in, they face reality and rather spend more money when they get coupons.
My dearest friend told me about a TV Show where people live off coupons. Well, I don't know how that works, but it doesn't work for me, so I spend a lot of money.

 Better Life/Work:- A new year does not mean the diminishing of world problems. Working is great as it brings in better income and makes life better and meaningful to us.

Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs says “We need both safety and belongings to reach self-actualization”. If we all have a better life and work, we will all have a happier family, friends etc.

The question is, can people get off their lazyass’ and get a better job in 2017?

Settle down/get married:- So many people always pray for their life spouses but end up messing themselves up after the first two weeks of their new year’s resolution. Most people prefer calling it "New Year's intentions," rather than resolutions, (I like that better). 

Intentions set a direction toward a new vision, opening the vista to see where one wants to go, making it easier to go toward the intention. There is less resistance with intentions than with resolution. People go back to their dirty ways of double dating, cheating on each other or people who might eventually be their partners for life, believing in so called “one night stand”, still engaging in sexual relationships regarded as “friends for benefits”.

Most people want a happier and healthier relationship that leads to marriage while others just want to have fun. The question is “Are you with the right person”. “Are you been treated rightly”? Are you just settling for less because you want a ring? Some ladies love bad boys, they may be intriguing, but do you really want to waste your time on an unemployed man-boy with commitment issues?  Do you communicate in your relationship?  Do you tell each other how you feel? The happiest couples also have a specific ratio of positive to negative comments between them when they are together according to Caroline Miller author of “ creating your best life: the ultimate life list guide”. She suggests you say 5 positive things to your partner before uttering a criticism. This could be a great way for established relationships. 

Remember conflicts are inevitable in relationships. Do not avoid conflict, but find productive ways to deal with differences. Ask yourself if you are guilty of using criticism, contempt, stonewalling or defensiveness? Couples that invest time in their relationships have more satisfying, pleasurable interactions with each other because great relationships do not just happen. So if you are thinking of settling down as a resolution, it is high time you focus on your relationship and have a new year’s resolution to eliminate those hostile interactions that are predictive of separation.

The happiest couples according to Caroline Miller of ‘creating your best life, the ultimate life list guide”. Says they have a specific ratio of positive and negative comments between them.

In addition to my message to you all; I received an interesting email from a Pentecostal Minister David Cerullo. His message got my attention as I wanted to scroll through my mail  to the next page. I kept reading and telling myself to stop reading, but couldn't resist the powerful message.

"At the start of every new year, people make all kinds of resolutions—starting an exercise routine…getting out of debt…losing some weight…strengthening relationships. These are all well and good, but there’s another resolution I encourage you to put at the very top of your list today:

Resolve that in the coming months you will develop a more intimate personal relationship with the Lord!

No matter what season of life you’ve been in recently, God wants you to develop a firm spiritual foundation so you can confidently stand when you are buffeted by the storms of life. Don’t wait until you see the storm clouds start to gather before you decide you need a strong relationship with the Lord!
God is challenging you today: “Forget the past. Forget the failures. Forget the mistakes. Just come and walk closely with Me, and I will give you a new beginning and help you walk in triumph and abundance.”
Am I promising that life will always be easy after your new beginning? Not at all! The storms of life will continue to blow from time to time…in your life…in your family…in your nation…and in the world.
However, you can resolve to build your life’s foundation on the firm ground of Christ’s love and faithfulness. Then when storms hit, you won’t collapse but will stand firm in the knowledge, safety, and protection of your Lord and Savior.

This is God’s word to YOU for 2017. He is calling you to rise up because your winter season is giving way to a springtime of new beginnings…new life…and joyous singing!".
                BEST WISHES  !!!!!!!!! 2017 !!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU !!!!!...
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