Fashion Never Dies.

Hey you !!!!!! Fashion never dies but I may slow down someday. This look reminds me of when I used to be a Tomboy. I wouldn't say I was a 100% one, in ways of actions and looks. Growing up with lots of boys in my home made me want to dress like them. I found it easier wearing denim or sweat pants to enable me climb trees, play soccer or run around with my brothers. My mom always smacked my leg reminding me to close them while seated.

I grew up wearing my brother's cloths even though they were huge on me.  I thought to myself "I'm a Harlem Girl", wanna look just like Salt N Pepper; that wouldn't hurt.  I usually stuff one of my brother's shoes with tissue so it could fit. (chuckles).

Well, the gold high top sneaker I have on is a male sneaker and a green patch cap (Laughing Out Loud) I decided to wear it because WHY NOT, it is comfortable, huge , fashionable and fits perfectly.

Denim cross body shaped bag tells you "THIS IS NOT MY FAULT".

I love shopping.



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