MaKinG faShiOn LooK EasY.

LOOK  1 =================================================================

       Black Body Suit
Cigarette Denim
kappa League Sweater
Louis Vuitton Bag
Silver Sandal (Zara)
Eye Glasses (Zara)

I was in an environment that reminded me of where I came from. What my ancestors and great grand parents used as a means of transportation for decades. ( Canoe and a Paddle). 


LOOK 2================================================================

      Printed Top and Pant

        Gold Open Toes Heel.

LOOK 3==================================================================

White Tank
White Denim
Black Blazer
Blue Flats
 Berge/ Black Purse.

Gold Pumps.

Sunglasses adds an edge to a LOOK.

LOOK 4============================================================
Oxblood Lace Top and Skirt.

LOOK 5=========================================================
White Lace  Top
Black Flare Skirt
Black open toe heel

LOOK 6===========================================================

Black Dress
Gold Sandals

LOOK 7========================================================
Red Top
Black zipper pants
Red shoes

LOOK 8==============================================================
Black flare skirt
Grey Crop Top
Black Flat Sandal

LOOK 9=============================================================

Black Jumpsuit
Multi purse
purple beaded shoes


These are various styles of a fashionable look made easy. I picked up my outfits from my closets . is my secret shopping Store, the designs and items you pick in Zara might be expensive but worth it.


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