A Leap Into Boston's Weather.

Lingering cold air aloft  with chilly wind looms almost daily in Boston. Frosty and freezy weather is what people deal with in the area. The weather usually exacerbates by strong winds leaving everyone uncomfortable. 

Researchers in Germany found out that Wind had more of a negative effect on mood in spring and summer than in fall and winter. Sunlight had a mitigating effect on whether people reported they were tired on days when it rained. People were so varied in how they responded that researchers write that a mood-weather link may still exist for individuals.When days become shorter, some people's moods mirrored that, while others actually felt more positive feelings. However, the way people dress reflects on their moods as they leap into an abnormal weather springing into a disarray of deciding what to wear in a cold weather.



Leaping into Bostons weather with Beige cape, black long-sleeve knit wear, gold pump and a skinny high-waisted jeggings.(www.zara.com)


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