Fur vest is a great layering piece accessory that will keep you cozy when the weather is chilly. It can also add an edgy look to your outfit. 

I paired the fur vest with Zara studded black box bag and a silver pump from DSW(Designer shoe warehouse) by Jessica Simpson. 
Twas a friends birthday on a week day which most ladies wouldn't want to overly dress by keeping it simple, knowing they will get up early the next day for school or work. More so, denim is mostly accepted by ladies during the week, (I'll say switch a bit). 

Jumpsuits should always be in your wardrobe because they are fashionable accepted and have been accepted in every century. Jumpsuits are simple, from Elvis in Vegas to Janelle Monae at the meet gala and many more. 

Jumpsuits just have a bedazzling look with one easy way to say a top and a pant joined into one piece.

Every lady should consider herself beautiful just like the ladies with me being fashionistas during the week. Why do people always have the habit of dressing up on weekends instead on a daily basis. 

                                                   Black Studded Bag
This is my little cherry purse;its so convenient as it fits my cell phone, makeup and keys. 

 One piece covers all; play fashionable safe with Jumpsuits.

Tearing up cs I love Jumpsuits; paired with gold pumps from Zara. 

Every jumpsuit revival brings the promise of something more. 

“A lot of designers considers "jumpsuit" as the ultimate evolution of modern fashion,” says Cassandra Gero, Assistant Conservator at the MET’s Costume Institute. 

Leather bag from Lord and Taylor. 


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