African Prints.

African prints are accepted globally by all races regardless of religious differences and political beliefs. I decided to upload few pictures from celebrities, business owners, models, designers, bloggers and many more who have embraced African prints to express themselves. 


Designs made by Suno a Kenyan designer.

DESIGNS BY Nelly Aboagye a Ghananian designer.

These are amazing fabrics. 



This skirt was designed by Sylvie Dahi. 

Black Top from Zara + Shoes.


 Ciara Tavares wearing one of Sylvia Dahi' designs. 

Sylvie Dahi designs, For inquiry contact:
Sylvie Dahi
339 224 2347

With these colors you can create your designs. 

I am actually amazed by these styles, I wonder what you think. 

African prints are highly demanded and globally accepted. 

Who wore it better? Kim K West or Amber Rose.


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