RED like a FLAME.

When transiting from chilly weather to warm temps always keep RED in mind, although most ladies feel the color RED is bold and flaring. 

Who cares right? Not necessarily !!!! Just saying because a lot of people base their choice of colors off of others, what friends say, colleagues, sisters or their significant others. It is important that others should come second in your life when it comes to choosing colors because everyone's taste is different. 

Certain people might not be comfortable wearing certain colors, but you have to go ahead and make that trendy color known and accepted in the society. There is always a chance to stand out and try colors that might be uncomfortable, but could be accepted by others. Be open-minded because you cannot stop someone from criticizing you and do not fall under the zone of wearing BLACK daily. 

Wondering why people are bent on their comfort zone? RED has to be paired with BLACK,  nah ! ah!. That style is old try SILVER and RED just like I did in the above picture. I actually accessorized with silver shoes and jewelries. 

We can put RED and BLACK behind us as we explore more colors.

Would you have imagined these colors?

The combination of these colors matched  perfectly. 

What a flaming color can  do. 
In a new study at Durham University, researchers found that men wearing the color RED were perceived as "more aggressive and dominant" than those sporting with blue or grey. 

 This is a regular jumpsuit accessorized again with silver jewelry. 

 Jumpsuit from H@M.

Ranti loves Fashion, she is her own story. I really cannot describe her style on a daily basis, but she mix and matches in a way that shows she is never afraid to explore colors. 

I hope you can wear RED with any other color, stay away from RED and BLACK. 

All outfits are from, a great place I recommend people to get their outfits from. 

 RED jumpsuit paired with Silver shoes/accessories. 

The colors you dislike can tell you a lot about yourself as well, often reflecting your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

It is this instinctual choice of a color that tells you a lot about yourself, how you function and how others see you.

It reflects the way you operate in the world, your strengths and weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your deepest needs and your challenges at that time in your life.

Chino Odimegwu has a multicolored pump.  


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