Hubway Model Day Out

Hubway ain't getting it easy with me modeling their Bike. Do you wish to get biking tips from me? I don't think so, cs guess what? You will fall faster than you got on the bike.  

Never wear the kind of hat I have while riding a Hubway Bike, you need an actual helmet which will reduce a head injury should in case you fall off a bike or crash. BE ALERT !!!

I took a quick walk after I attempted driving a Hubway Bike to the train station instead. 

At times you need a clear mind in a park all by yourself to ease stress from work, school and every other thing you go through. In a recent study published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning, scientists measured the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in 25 healthy adults in Scotland and asked them to fill out questionnaires about what stresses them out at home and at work. They then compared that information to the number of parks, woodlands, and other natural environments in each participant's zip code.

Those who lived in the areas with the most amount of green space had lower levels of cortisol, and their self-reported feeling of stress were lower than those who spent more time in urban settings.


So what’s behind this—I'm I getting buzzed on the scent of freshly cut grass?  or relaxing cs being around the park elevates stress. 

Try to look less stressful even if stressed. 

There is no better way to look into your future. Stand alone and think of what you want in fashion. 


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