Basic fashion, De la manera básica, الأزياء الأساسي, 基本時裝, Mode de base, Grund Mode, Основная мода.

   The man repeller once said that if women dressed for men, we’d all be wearing bodycon miniskirts and dresses. It is thus important while dressing up to put other women in mind with confidence.


Twas a day I woke up and didn't want to step out of my room. I was tired, looked tired and distraught but I kept it basic and simple with the red basic dress from Zara and a silver sandal.

I had to wear sunglasses as my eyes were looking tired. Accessorizing could be a basic way out so remember to always have one handy. 

Fashionista Thelma, is always fashionable but keeps it basic most times. 

Fashionable Thelma obsessively always  follows trends.

I love Jeffery Campbell wedges, I think they are fashionable and basic. 

Sassy Jada  Pinkett Smith is wearing a black Jefferey Campbell wedge. 
Kylie Jenner.

Rihanna styled in a basic denim look  in fashion and style.

I prefer  Rihanna on this look  compared to Kim. 

This is completely a basic look because denim keeps you simple and basic. Always keep in mind that denim can be rocked but styling is what you should aim at. Beyonce rocked her basic look. 

Basic white look with a wedge.


Pretty girls rock !!!!! We know that.

Ose is basically styled. 


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