When it' COLD and HOT.

What better way to dress when it' COLD and HOT. Sometimes you get really tired of throwing on a sweater,  thights, leggings, jacket, or any sort of outerwear.  The best way to dress when your body feels that way is to throw on any form of sweater you have, it could depend on your mood but not necessarily.

                    The choice of bootie should not be considered deeply, if you decide to dress in a basic sweater and short when it' COLD and HOT.

 Moisturize your skin to retain its natural moisture. First figure out what type of skin you have,and use the right moisturizer/ sunscreen agent either a lotion, spray or gel that can absorb some of the suns ultraviolet radiation which will protect your skin from sunburn.

When its COLD and HOT, try not to shave off all hairs on your legs, preferably shave your legs once a month where it won't be noticed. Little hairs on your legs will keep you warm when it's COLD and WARM.

 Wondering where my bag was all the while, I probably had a friend or stranger hold unto it while taking pictures while it was COLD and HOT.  ( chuckles......) #YELLOW BAG, a choice of color as a fashionista, entire outfits from www.zara.com.


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