Fashion Bug

            My fashion bug can create an unexpected result after walking out of my room without flaws.

        My fashion style could be a bug which triggers my style and uncertainty and is subtle.

                                                     Bugging around the beach

               Model Tamar Toramanian and I at the beach bugging

                                                                    Model OJ and I
 Fashion bug is always delightful
                    I decide what to wear based on my mood

                         Fashion Bug statements could be elegant


It all depends, I tried it out

                                  Fashion Bug is when your inner being tells you "heh girl, you gotta dress me up".
Making Bugging statements could be made by this look.
      I attended an event and was dressed appropriately. It all determines where you intend going, and what to wear to certain events. Always be the fashion player,change your strategies and your game.. Remember to be glamorous. 

The wind blew me up this day, what should I throw on? what subtle look?

Colors matched that's all that matters. You really need to know how to blend colors in your closet because you do not need to worry that much. It’s like BLACK and YELLOW.

                        Oh no,I didn't !!!! I guess some fashion bug statements can be made with no jewelry or any other accessory, I kept it simple but still had my buggy look

It was so hot, I do remember twas around mid August . I laid on my bed half a day and then I decided to get a drink at the corner store next to my street.

I still had the fashion bug look.

As a stylist I know how to shop, where to and how to spend my money.

Keeping a fashion look is been able to put together a piece of a bugging look. It doesn't take my time or bother me, why don't you try to maintain a sassy look when you can.

My personal desire to put wearable pieces is cumulative, collaborating with my instincts and effort of my fashion desire.
                            On this day, pretty Esther O, arrived from Italy as a captain. 

                                                                     Fashion Bug
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                                  My fashion Bug is my favorite Bug.


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