Le Fashion.

Lizzy Amas adore la mode et elle est très impliquée dans l'industrie de la mode à Boston.


I am obsessed with fashion at the cost of my meal.

Design sophistiqué.

Zara Basic White haut $59,90, H@M noir haute ceinturé pantalons $30,00, bijoux de macys $20,00.

Sac du H@M.

chaussure est de Zara.

As the day went by quickly, of cs being lizzy, I stained my top while applying some makeup on my way to the movie. I opted to walk into H@M fully aware of summer sales in which I bought the black/white cropped top for $7.00USD.

This cropped top attracted me and it was a really good deal on sale. The roses are properly embroidered which feels soft making the top very comfortable. I took the hat from a good friend of mine while taking a selfie. Well,its an accessory.

Modèle semble incroyable avec un pantalon blanc taille haute et un top cropped. Ce look à la mode est adapté pour tous les événements.

veste blanche.

zara sac à main noir $29.99USD.

Top et short pull orange, coûtent $ 19.99 chacun en vente à www.zara.com.

I really do not know why I wore this dress, oh ! I think I know why now. I woke up late and threw it on, with intents of wearing a pump but I saw my old wedge open toe from Aldo.

ce coût robe seulement 20 $ chez H @ M sur Vente.On pensé qu'il était simple et mignon.


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