Your money,Your look,and Fashion.

Your Money can be well spent to give you a certain look, exhibiting your Fashion. Though, you do not need a lot of money to portray an expensive look, but heh! if you work so hard for your money, make fashion statements wherever you go. Evince that look either through your bag, accessories, shoes or even the fragrance you wear. 

My favorite brand name has always been Louis Vuitton. As a kid, I usually draw the logos on my bedroom walls and books.

 I acted like I had somewhere to go whereas, I was bored and decided to dress up. I mostly wear skinny jeans as a basic bottom because they are comfortable, suitable and presentable for any environment.

 Black flare jacket worth $125 was on sale for $59.99 at Zara Store, Newbury street Boston. Grey supersoft skinny Jeans $59.90,from Zara. I got my Calvin Klein shoes over a year ago at Designer shoe warehouse and absolutely forgot about it. Louis Vuitton keepall Bandouliere 55 soft luggage $1,760 USD.
Top :- Urban Outfitters on Newbury street Boston Ma. Sale price $19.99.

Body Jewelry #forever 21.

Celine bag $2,950.

Oxblood heel is from trafaluc department Zara on sale for $29.99USD. Zara stretchy skinny jean $59.90USD, Blazers $125USD Zara. I bought the white cropped top from H@M and I can't remember how much it cost. Anklet #Aldo. 

Top H@M ,Sweater Zara, Shorts  Zara, Hat H@M,  sunglasses Oscar de la Rento modern cat -eye  sunglasses.

$69.00 sale price.

Valbona boots from worth $75.95 VIP deal $55.95

Bag:- Olivia and Joy.
Aisha has been a fashionista from LA , we met a year ago and clicked as fashionistas.

Pretty girl rocks.

Acid washed denim Jacket, Oxblood leggings, bootie and nice braids makes her endearing.
Selfie with Aisha.

Tshirt:- Zara trafaluc, Knitwear:- Zara, Denim:- H@M, Shoe:- Zara.

On my way to walk "the runway" what better way to dress. knowing once I arrive, I will be backstage.

At the fashion show, I had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist.



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