Yellow is the New Black.

Perhaps Orange was the New Black.


Black suede Heel  $59.99USD Sale.

Long waistcoat straight cut lapel collar. $129.00USD

Black cropped top $19.99USD sale

Orange trousers straight cut Cropped, Concealed zip under placket side pockets. $79.90USD.

You know Yellow is the new black when it blends with your skin. You can say "Black and yellow".opppsss I mean "White and yellow".

Basic Zara yellow blazers $69.90USD, white cropped top  $19.99USD sale, white boyfriend denim $59.90USD, shoe $29.99USD sale. (

Queen B stepped out flagging that yellow blazer.

l’irrésistible couleur de l’heure!

Where did she go wrong? What makes you feel you can go wrong with the new black color? Nothing, be courageous and sassy.

Nathalie Mukadi looks good in yellow trudging the street. She is wearing 2015 yellow shift

Trying out in the fitting room. #yellow. 


Yellow top was on sale at Zara for $29.99USD, skinny white denim $29.99USD sale at Zara, bag $29.90USD, shoe is $29.99USD. Great deals at

Francine M with friends.

When shopping in spring/summer , try to shop for a yellow shirt, short, denim, dress, jumpsuit etc. 

Mustard yellow double strapped Jumpsuit.  sale price $49.99USD sale price. 

Yellow gives you the burst of optimism.

I attended an event and decided to have a trendy look , I quickly decided to pair  my yellow shirt with green cropped pants. Unfortunately, I could not find a yellow shirt, so I bought  the yellow shirt from the men's department at Macy's. 

CK yellow long sleeve $75.00USD, bowie $9.99USD, express green cropped pants $59.90USD, Zigi Soho heel $60USD, custom fit fleece blazer Ralph Lauren $265USD,"This haute schoolgirl-chic blazer is crafted from ultra-soft cotton-blend fleece and designed with a polished, trim-fitting two-button silhouette and " Ralph Lauren" embroidery at the left chest pocket".

Victoria's secret PINK dazzles for ever. I was excited when I set my eyes on this yellow sweat pants, I said to myself "That's really me". It cost $49.95USD, Victoria's secret black hoodie $54.95USD, black studded sneakers from Zara $59.99USD sale.

Ose, standing next to me, is wearing a mustard yellow dress suitable for summer.

 After seeing this look, don't tell yourself yellow is too bright for you. It really depends on how you pick items in your wardrobe and where you intend wearing what you picked to. My yellow top was from H@M for about $14.99USD, accessory $12.99USD, White high waisted pants H@M $40USD and purse $29.99USD sale at Zara. 

I and Ranti a friend, wore the same top from H@M to an event. The top was $19.99USD, skirt was $49.99USD. Burberry purse $1,250USD.

Black suede leather Tahari heels $149.99.


 Yes !!! I believe Yellow is the new Black!!! Yes!! I know it is the new black not Orange. Yellow is bright and fun for spring and summer from amber yellow,bright golden yellow, mustard yellow, Aureolin yellow, chartreuse yellow etc.


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