Fourth of July.

Fourth of July is United States Independence day commemorating the adaption of the declaration of independence on July fourth 1776.

Models in Boston came together to create a July fourth team photo-shoot, proud of United States and celebrated its independence on the beach. Dimonkia Bray organized the photo-shoot with guest photographers Hill Zhou, Ian James, Audrey Anderson, Hiawatha Bray, and Peter D'Arrigo.
Photo credit:- Dimonika Bray.
Photo Credit:- Ian James.

Moloi a model based in Boston. Makeup:- Sparkle Thames.
Frances photographed at the beach by Audrey Anderson.
Ojia jumps with excitement. Photographer:- Ian James.
From left Lizzy, Tihara and Annita.
Group shoot by Audrey Anderson.

Ciara is proud to be an American. Makeup by Sparkle Thames.

Bemobutu skated at the beach, in honor of July Fourth.

Photographer Peter was done taking pictures of Bryana.  Photo credit Hill Zhou.

Christine standing strong. Makeup by Sparkle Thames.
Photo credit:- Dimonika Bray.  
Ian James led the models to other photographers awaiting directions.

Priscilla shoot by Hill Zhou.

Moni dared jumping looking pretty.

Dimonika Bray took this picture while we were waiting on other models getting ready for a group shoot.

Laura's funny look shoot by Ian James.

Alluring Ojia smiled at the camera looking pretty. Makeup by Reese  Marth.

Ian James smiles at Audrey Anderson photographer. Ian has the best outfit for July fourth, He is well groomed.
  Makeup by Tihara.
 Appealing Meagan enjoyed the sun. Makeup artist:- Clarisse Lukanda.
Chasing the bigger flag was the aim. Why should the models have little flags whereas Ian James has a huge flag.


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