Out and about.

Out and about to me means dressing up and hopping on the streets looking smart and simple. I can't do without my boyfriend Jeans on a daily basis. They are more roomier than tailored Jeans making it  easier for me to wear it without trying to force my legs into it, or worrying about if I gained few pounds. I choose to wear them either folded up in a cropped way or letting them fall below my ankle in a baggy way. Boyfriend Jeans are very comfortable which is a priority nowadays.

Boyfriend Jeans are ideal for summer as compared to skinny jeans which will cling on your skin. 
I got my boyfriend Jeans from Zara at $69.90 USD, Zara trendy T-shirt $19.99 USD on sale and Zara leather pumps court heels with pointed toes for $99.90 USD.
I have been asked where I got my long knit from, I say Zara but then how much? I totally forgot the cost, and the knit is sold out. So sorry ! you can try to find it on ebay or any other site.
In one of my post, I wrote about "Be yourself ", Which simply refers to my ladies out there to move around with a pair of flats, simply because you will get tired of wearing heels, but do not settle for wearing flats instead of heels. It should never be a substitute but an accessory in your purse/car just incase you get exhausted you switch.  My flats are from zara.
Why not? don't tell yourself boyfriend jeans aren't for you. They are comfortable and suitable for summer as a transitional wear. Do you feel hot in the summer and you do not feel like wearing anything else than jean? Then think "Boyfriend Jeans", its baggy and free enough for ventilation. As a transitional wear, you can put on some bootie in the spring and winter boots during winter season.
Zara boyfriend jeans are popular.

The difference: Summer look vs Spring look.
                                                Top, Jean and sneakers from www.zara.com
Black and White studded print sneakers cost $129 USD.
I could be very funny because when I love, love something, I get them in various colors with exceptions of the items sold out. #Zara $129 USD.
When you accessorize, you make a fashion statement especially with a boyfriend Jean.
With Boyfriend Jeans you can do anything like that Michael Jackson Move. www.zara.com Shirt, Jean and Shoe.


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