Keep it sleek.

This is me, " I'm about to be out, I don't  know where to start from, I  have no idea what to wear, I have so many choices of cloths to choose from, room becomes untidy, cloths everywhere, I get tired and confused, body hurts from trying several cloths, then I come across cloths with tags, giggles!!!! maybe I can try something new, why not I tell myself since I hate repeating the same outfit twice.  I get stranded calling out friends to make a choice, then I tell myself "you know what? forget it". Now I take control, going through hundreds of shoes selecting what pair I would need, stepping on, prancing around and around my cloths looking for an outfit and thinking oh! jewelry. umm I then decide not to be fashionable late at that moment and go for a one piece look to be fashion safe. Have you ever felt that way? Where you get confused on what to wear, instead getting yourself a dress to make it easier, but you have to be careful to make your fashion statement, not just a regular cute dress, #KEEPITSLEEK,  by maintaining your chicness. Go out of your way girls when it comes to your wardrobe and choices keep it effortless .
I finally picked this trendy look.
Would you believe me if I said I picked out my shoes before my dress? Or my dress and then my shoes? Well, figure it out. I had a different shoe in mind but decided to wear this "Lana Shoe in Brown distressed" by Jeffery Campell. $180USD.

Ceilne Trapeze Anthracite Long Strap Handbag $2,950 USD.
Zara combined gold necklace.


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