Stylist Jewely Wong.

                                                 Chicky Look.

"Shady Lady" 

Two words that are rarely seen next to each other but are illustrated through the concept of visualization. A feminine and simplistic look drawn out through personality. An ensemble only worn possible in freely creative environments.    

Bunny Bow Glasses - Claires' - $10.00, Collared Open Shoulder Blouse - - $16.49. Jacquard Pattern Shorts - Zara TRF - $49.90. Heels: Talbot. 

Black and White Striped Jumpsuit.

 "Stripe Hype"

Jumpsuit dress with V neck and wide straps mixed stripes 59.90 USD
                                 Zebra Wedge Shoe.

 "Sprint for Print"

Print is a form of an artistic, repetitive value. It is a linguistic culture of its own. With drama included aka the accessories. 

Hat - Forever 21 - $5
Over Sized Sunglasses - ASOS - $13.27
Dress with Low Cut Back - Zara TRF - $49.90
Booties - ASOS - $45.48. 




Low-backed midi dress with round neck and short sleeves. Floppy 

black hat and an ankle bootie.


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