Fire and Ice Fashion Show at Sunday River Foggy Google.

Kathy Benharris a Boston-based fashion event producer, organized a fashion show on January 26th 2013 at  “Sunday River Foggy Goggle” Maine with models from "DYNASTY MODELING AGENCY BOSTON". There were collections worn by dynasty models from Sunday River Sports store, mixed with lux furs and leathers from SARIAN DESIGNS, amazing accessories from SoWa VINTAGE MARKET, and custom Sunday River Swimwear by GROTTO.

This beautiful lady in the picture was really coordinating and helping us before the fashion show, Making sure we got fitted and we got the right collections for our body type. However, I don't think she liked what one of the models wore,because it tells on her face.)


This is a great picture backstage with two models from Dynasty Modeling Agency (Jennifer Kutt right and Sarah Miller) during fitting. Photo taken by Dimonika Bray.

I was backstage in this picture getting ready to be on stage in few minutes cheezing up..smh, I wonder why?

 I cannot describe their facial expressions in this picture, It is alluring and superb. Dimonika Bray really did a great job by taking this picture from the angle she was. Model  Diana Haney left and Jake Maulin both work with Dynasty modeling agency Boston.

I love the fur jacket I wore in this picture,it is one of the collections that was supposed to be shown in the fashion show, but unfortunately it didn't make it because of time. Immediately I saw this jacket with Kathy, I leaped for it and she smiled at me and felt I was funny and cute. It was very cozy and warm.
While I was been cozy with the fur jacket backstage, Kathy was still busy coordinating and making sure we all got the best outfits that suites our body type. She is a very ambitious and  hardworking  lady that puts so much passion and time in her work.

Dynasty modeling agency has been in existence for 29 years, headed by Joe Freeman and Gin Freeman. They are very prominent and influential couples in Boston,who love fashion and give opportunities to young and upcoming talented people into the fashion/modeling and acting world. Dynasty modeling agency is Boston’ number one agency, and I am privileged to work with them and other beautiful models. Below are some of dynasty' gorgeous models.

Goofy Models.

           Lizzy, Kathy and Nicholas posed for a picture after the first walk. 
After the fashion show,  I and Tiffany Chan stayed backstage to take pictures,while Joshua Tree one of the best U2 COVER BAND was performing. Tiffany was very fun and outgoing. We traveled together from Boston for about 195.3 miles to Maine, we charted and had fun while traveling with Dimonika Bray. 

I and Tiffany fell asleep on our way, and by the time i realized myself we were already in Maine.I saw this beautiful view so i decided to take a little video of it for memories.
If you have never been to Sunday river Maine, it is a  four season resort in the mountains of Maine where you can ski, snowboard and golf.  This is a picture i took while approaching the venue for the fashion show. 
We were all given ski tickets to ski after the fashion show and we decided to stay for the after party cs we wanted to have fun. Look who is in the middle of this picture little Justin Bieber (i would call him,) told his mom he would love to shoot with models. He was very shy when he approached Model Maggie O' Sullivan left and I, (ahahahahha). He was stunned and said nothing and his mum stepped in and told us he wanted to shoot with us.While Dimonika Bray was getting her camera ready, he took his glasses off and i was like woooo..... He ain't playing. 


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