Boston Blizzard

Yup! Yup!!!....yuppie!!!!.... She is back, this time for real. Lizzy was outside despite the serious storm warnings from Major Thomas Menino, Governor Deval Patrick/ family and friends. I'm talking about me. oh yeah Lizzy Amas.
There was a massive snowstorm on Friday the 8th/9th of February 2013 in Boston Massachusetts. There were a lot of trucks slogging up and down the streets of Boston removing snows. The massive amount of snow left behind effectively shut down streets, major highway roads and power supplies in a lot of areas.
I decided to be out and enjoy the free gift of nature as well as search for domestic animals that had no shelter and rescue them.

This is a test video when the storm started on Friday 8th of February 2013


It is what it is in the video, I guessed you laughed at the video clip it is funny and I hope you found it funny. Anyways, I am wearing an Ushanka (also known as Trapper hat, Aviator hat or Shapka.) Ushanka means “With ears” in Russian language however USHI means ears.  It is a stylish traditional Russian winter hat with ear flaps which can be folded, tied at the top of the hat or at the chin. It is extremely warm and designed to handle frigid Russian winters. I am also wearing a winter neck scarf, a black Calvin Klein jacket, Delaney Riding leather Boot from “me too” and denim from guess. 

This is a video I made as a newscaster posted on CNN iReport . Titled "Boston Blizzard". Click the link below to view the video or copy and paste the link on your browser.

New England Blizzard

On the 9th of February 2013, the snow storm continued with emergency crew members every where in town. The situation and the storm on Friday February 8th 2013 left over 3 feet of snow and more in various areas.The storm was reawakening after the state had experienced a relatively snow-free winter last year and this year. Schools and public transportation systems were closed and wouldn't resume until Tuesday the 12th of February 2013.

My appearance in the picture above is funny to me. I wore a green Ushanka, A guess jacket, flappy gloves and scarf from H@M, signature crop pants from Victoria Secret and my side little bag from H@M as well.

I and my friends were out in the snow on Saturday during another snow storm which was very interesting because we pushed ourselves in the snow, we ran, skated jumped into abandoned trucks, took pictures till the cops kept passing us over and over and then we ran home.


Here is another video of me jumping and dancing accompanied with my friends.


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