Top Model Sekou Carradine with Lizzy Amas at Holiday fashion show, proceeds to benefit Children Wishes organized by Leah Williams.

It was almost the end of the year ( 17th of Dec 2012) when Leah Williams CEO of Elite makeovers decided to organize a fashion show to benefit children wishes at Twin River casino Lincoln RI with some professional models from The beauty within model agency owned/directed by Pamela Masucci and Sekou carradine a model,actor,and Tv host, close friend of Ty Scott a newyork based designer who has been featured in 12 national publicity campaigns for TAG Heuer, Brooks Brothers, Liz Claiborne, Bennetton, Kenneth Cole, Gap, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Sean John, BMW, J. Crew, and Banana Republic. Immediately after his modeling debut in Milan, major advertisers took notice and Carradine appeared alongside Ashton Kutcher and Tom Welling (of “Smallville”) in a major Abercrombie & Fitch publicity campaign. Lizzy Amas met Sekou carradine for the second time with Model  Elsa Rocha (first left) a model from The beauty within Agency providence Rhode Island, photographed by an award winning photographer Dimonika Bray whose work is phenomenon.
Ty Scott however,showed amazing designers and trilled the crowd. Sekou Carradine stunted the runway with style and grace to support his long time friend Ty Scott.

 Ben Hague of Cranston, RI was a featured comedian in this event. He won The Rhode Show's Search for a Star. Ben's first stand-up performance was at the world famous Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard. Since then, he has shared the stage with such stars as Dane Cook, Dave Attel, Louis CK, Robert Klein, Jeffrey Ross, Gilbert Gottfried and many others. Ben was a finalist in the Orange County Laff Down and Orange County California's funniest person 2004 & 2005, respectively. He headlines comedy clubs throughout the US, and was featured on the cover of POINT magazine in 2007 being dubbed the "RI King of Comedy"

Miss Rhode Island USA 2013 Brittany Stenovitch and Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2013Elaine Collado were guest models at the event. Both Beauty queens flaunted the designs of Ty Scott.

This outfit i wore is designed by Ty Scott and i modeled it. It is a stretchy, sassy, sexy and a very comfortable dress. When i fitted couple of his outfits,he just said "THIS IS IT, I LOVE THIS ON YOU, YOU JUST NAILED IT uhhhh " lol funny isn't it. My body yelled for this dress and it worked.

Nevertheless, Leach Williams had an amazing team she put together behind the scenes, who made us look beautiful and tasteful. Mr Gary Babbitt and Neuza Ferreira were awesome hair stylists who have been working in the fashion industry for a while both from providence Rhode Island. Mr Gary Babbit actually put pieces of hairpieces in my hair and styled it within 10mins. I immediately asked him if he is into Hair shows, and he named couple of some shows he had been involved in across the border. He works at Ultimate Salon providence Rhode Island, he doesn't only specialize in hair,his other talents includes nails, eyebrows, lashes, wigs, hairpieces and he also styles Beauty Queens in the pageantry industry. At the end of the Fashion show, I pulled him aside to take a picture with him photographed by DIMONIKA BRAY Boston' based and award winning photographer. Though in this picture i am not wearing Ty Scotts outfit, I am wearing TOMMY HILFIGER' Dress ready to leave.

  Eve Chen a celebrity makeup artist came from Newyork with an assistance to get us glammed up for the show. She has been a celebrity makeup artist for years and also have been hired for various High fashion shows in United States.  Eve Chen used Vaughn Cosmetics a new makeup line and recommended it to me, I can say it was really good on my skin and the brushes worked for me because, I am allergy to most human hair and all synthetic brushes. Ketta Vaughn’ makeup line embodies everything you need for an everyday, casual look to the intense color range and supplies entertainers and makeup artists need. I can say her products are of good qualities visit to check out her products.

You can see the brilliant red lipstick won by Miss Rhode Island USA 2013,isn't it awesome? It is from Ketta Vaughn’ cosmetics line.

                              Peace fingers,I hope you enjoyed reading this Blog.


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