New York Designer Geary Marcello meets Lizzy Amas.

There is no special way of beginning a sentence by expressing how you feel about meeting 
someone special. Maybe Obama or Beyonce,i will flip and tag along with them (:) Well, in 
this case, I met  Geary Marcello, an International renowned celebrity designer based in 
NewYork City. I was excited,and shocked to hear his struggles and achievements .He 
indeed made his dream come True and you can do the same with self determination, he 
looked inward and subjected himelf to brutal self-assessment. He is a talented celebrity 
designer who has a lot of clients such as Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond ,Nicki Minaj, Nina 
Hagen,Pam Anderson, Pussycat Dolls, Tom Jones, Natalie Cole, Ann & Arnold 
Kopelson,Bee Gee's, Bill Cosby,Carol Channing, Carole Davis, Dolly Parton, Faye 
Dunaway, Francis Hill, Jim Carrey,Kathy Lee, Kimora Lee Simmons, Lena Horne, Lil Kim, 
Lindsay Lohan, Lucy Lui,Mandrell Sisters,Margot Kidder,Mia Gyzander,  Jennifer Lopez , 
brandy , MacDonald and so many more not mentioned. 

 In 2006 he did an internship with Vera Wang as a pattern maker and  had a lot of 
astonishing evening wears/wedding dresses. However, in 2007, Geary was offered a 
position with Mia Gyzander and had various contracts with Wynona Judd, Walt Disney and 
 Six Flags.  In 2008 Geary designed gowns for Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and many others. 

I and Model Reeci Reee a Newyork based Model wore Geary's  outfits in this photo after 

we got our makeup done by  Karolina Tyszkowska, a professional makeup artist based in 

New York City. Here is her website to view more of her work  We were 

getting ready to stunt the runway at  Empire Hotel New York City.


 Geary' outfits are beyond description. The dress i wore is Unique, classy and ethereal. It 

was perfect on me and i had so much confident walking down the runway with this outfit on. 

He also styled me with his wonderful sets of jewelries captured by Dante Lara a New York 

Based Photographer who shoots in a lot of fashion shows in New York City and New Jersey.

This photo was taken by someone with my unprofessional Nikon Camera (rofl), after the 

fashion show. New York Based Model left wearing Gearys dress and jewelries, skipping the 

next model because reading through this blog you should know who she is, Geary wearing 

a simple Blondie shirt and Rob Ordonez a hilarious friend and supporter of Geary who is 

also a photographer. (Rob Ordonez's work has been published in magazines such as FIXE 

magazine,Jun 2012, In the Red magazine, China,Jun 2012 PMc magazine, Who am I?,Jun 

2012 Et Alors? a flamboyant magazine,Jul 2012, Latino Show Magazine,Jul 2012, 

Millennium magazine, Aug 2012 Bliss Male Mag,Aug 2012, Diversity Rules magazine,Sept 

2012 ETC). 

   The are both cute together in this picture. Rob is always with Geary coordinating and 

making calls to models for his show as well as auditioning.

  I decided to share this picture because i love the way she rocked Geary's collection. 

  I and Geary Marcello after the fashion show. Photo credit by
 Danta Lare.

After the fashion show we stayed behind for an after party. Unfortunately the other models 

where all over the place shooting with other photographers, so you cannot view the other 

collections worn by other models.


 Nevertheless, this pic was taken a month after the first show i had with him, he loved my 

personality,style and walk and ROB called me and asked if i could model in his next event 

which i accepted. I was waiting to get my hair and makeup done. Sitting beside me is 

klaudia Rim Suleiman the owner of Klaudia Rim Suleiman photography.  Below is a pic of 

what she shoot and guess whose legs?


Geary Marcello had another fashion show in NYC  showcasing his Foxy face couture club 

 wear.  I loved the dress i wore in this pic, it is a see through long sassy dress. My hair was 

done by a celebrity hair stylist who has been working with celebrities over the years.

 We had concluded the fashion show and we were heading back to the changing room, 

Unfortunately there are cameras everywhere and fortunate enough Mr Jason Russo( 

HeyMrJason Photography) a New York Based Photographer,took this pic and it came out 


 It was the End of the Fashion show and it was time for me to leave for Boston. I  wasn't 

exhausted so i could embark on a journey instead of checking into a hotel. I am wearing a 

Calvin Klein Jacket, Burberry scarf,  Victoria Secret Pink Bag, H&M pants and the boots 

you can't see them,... .........So I will pass on that.


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