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I woke up one morning and decided to bug a top photographer in Boston ( Dimonika Bray ). I called her cell and told her I have an inspiration and would love to shoot. As an Aunt, she expected me to mess with her as I usually do. Anyways, we went into a boutique,and when I got the top I wore in this picture         
she was furious and refused to pay for it. She told me continuously she ain't paying because she doesn't like it, and the cost of it wasn't worth it, bla..ze..bla...  ummmm. I glazed at her and said "Ain't nobody leaving this store without it" jokingly.. All doors wouldn't be shut on me because I always get my way with her since she loves and adores me. (giggless.). I eventually convinced her to pay and she told me she wouldn't take pictures of me wearing the top because she wasn't visualizing what I was seeing. Earlier that day before I met her, I went into my scattered closet and got the skirt I wore in the picture from H&M,  


 Shoes are Jessica Simpson' purchased at DSW coupled with few accessories that could be viewable by either a Black Lady or just a nice person, I'll say a noticeable person.I regard wigs as accessories..ummmmm they suit Black women. God bless the person who invented them they are like new movies to me. Anyways, i had a lace wig on that day,and as soon as i came out of the bathroom ready to hit the streets and shoot she was like "OMG".. like so gayish..(try to mimic me without seeing me, read this like you are seeing me,close your eyes and say this) " O..M.G".. yup,yup,yup you got it,that was her expression and she immediately  took my wig off my hair which i wasn't embarrassed anyways, and gave me the wig i wore in this picture below ..) My other accessory is my contact lenses,aren't they cute i just want you to keep guessing what type/color it is.


                                 HIGH WAIST SKIRT AS A RETRO AND VINTAGE LOOK:-
  Many celebrities wear high waist skirts as vintage which i did,or they can be won with a tank tops to make it look more modern with any hair style or a pony tail.

 Rihanna, Kim Kardashin and Victoria Beckham are fashionable women of our generation. They all rocked the high waist skirts which are the most popular outfit these days. You can get formal look,vintage look and retro look from these outfits. They are the newest and oldest modifications you can see in the latest style of skirt.
    More so, High waist skirts defines the hourglass shaped body type which is considered the best feminine shape.The hourglass body type has been very popular for most ladies nowadays because, their body shape can  perfectly fit into a high waist skirt.According to Vogue Magazine Marilyn Monroe, made it very popular and its now a hit. Mitchell Obama America' current first lady also wears high waist skirts to complement her body type. It might be the best type of skirt for your body because it can cover the flaws in your body if you have any.

 I was going through the Internet and I saw this pic of Jennifer Hudson which is kind of similar to what i wore,I was baffled at her outfit, But I wore mine before her' probably this will be named.
                             MODEL/ CELEB DRESS ALIKE WHO WORE IT BETTER?


Moreover, The bag I used was from Dimonika' Bray' closet,she suggested that it will go together with my outfit. Aren't you surprised after reading this blog that she became supportive of my style?



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