Take a look at Model Lindsay Picano's face, isn't her make-up fabulous? Its edgy and simple at the same time and was captured by wonderful raj (

I love playing around with make-up(s), i love to experiment new things and be creative.I love applying fun attractive colors on people' faces. Here is Michelle Ma, photographed by Dimonika bray (


Angie Hernandez,  is a fun and outgoing person. The lipstick i used is by MAC and i defined her eyes to suit her dress. If you look closely, the base coat is gold, the top is purple and i used black eyeliner to create little  dots around her eyes.



I was invited by TONY HYPPOLITE, the organizer of the fashion show i was hired as a makeup artist. Ashley Woo was one of the models. I didn't really know what to do to her face,because i was exhausted. Been a creative person, i pulled this out and she rocked it. It was very simple for me,i used the palette from Victoria secret,the colors used are purple, green, yellow which was the base and i used a black liner around her eyes. Credits go to RAJ for capturing this pic (

 Kate is a beautiful Russian Model who models in Boston Ma. Take a closer look at her make-up,its edgy and classy.I only used Green on the sides  from victoria secret and Black eyeliner from MAC. In addition, i used a pink lipstick  from victoria secret and a blush from Mac as well.  Photographed by dimonika bray ( ).

 This is another great make-up by me,she is beautiful and i can't seem to remember her name,but my work is there to show,so i will take the credit till i find her. I used green and black on her eyes from Victoria secret makeup palette.I also applied pink lipstick on her from Victoria secret as well. This pic was taken by professional photographer Raj (


 You have no idea, i love,love doing her make-up,she has such a lil cute face that goes with the style and colors of make-up i use. Been my bf, she always say "LIZZY GO CRAZY" , and at times " NOT TOO CRAZY", and all i do is go ahead and get the job done,and she walks out like a princess.
   Tatiana Elise,was one of the models in a fashion show i was asked to make-up. I took more time on her face because,she was the first model to be there. I applied red,blue,and purple eye shadows and a black eyeliner from MAC and Victoria secret,she also has an orange lipstick from Mac and she pulled it. The blush i used was either bobby brown or mac,can't remember. Photographed by RAJ,(

It was an amazing evening and fun night when i had a fashion show in providence RH. I decided to try a RED lipstick,which the designer requested.I remembered vividly it was by REVLON, and i applied a lil pinkish lipstick on top. As a creative make-up artist,i played around my eyes with my palette by MAC cosmetics,and an eyeliner. Overall,i used seven colors to create the look i had. 


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